Collaboration – “A mutually beneficial, well-defined relationship between two or more organizations to achieve common goals. Collaboration is the process of various groups or individuals working together and typically involves joint planning, shared duties, shared resources, and a shared understanding of issues and goals.”

Please contact the Vice President, Logan Brown, with any questions at


I The completed document should be put forth at the latest on the Friday, 5 weeks prior to the event, via e-mail documents to the WSA Vice President by midnight. Email to:
II A. Organizational Collaboration

A 1.1: Organizational Collaboration is available to WMU departments and/or RSO(s) who are in good standing with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP).

A1.2: Organizational Collaboration is explicitly limited to funding of events open to all WMU students and, if granted, cannot be used for the acquisition of office equipment, organizational expenses, recovery from debt, or other expenses not pertinent to the single event for which funding is granted.

A 1.3: Requests for Organizational Collaboration must be submitted according to the conditions and specifications established by the Vice President in accordance to collaboration application guidelines, with the approval of the Cabinet at an approved application proposal meeting, and a final vote by the Senate.

A 1.4: The maximum amount granted to any organization cannot exceed ½ of the total amount per event.

A1.5: If the proposed event cost does not exceed $1000, the WSA Cabinet reserves the right to fund more than 1/2 of the budgeted cost, at their discretion, with Senate approval. Upon event following all stated guidelines.

A1.5.2: The maximum amount of collaboration money an organization may request from WSA is $2,500. Regardless of the total amount of days or events included in the collaboration request, the maximum contribution from WSA per collaboration cannot exceed $2,500.

A1.6: Any department and/or RSO receiving funding from WSA must include the WSA logo on all promotional materials for the funded event and state “funded by the Western Student Association (WSA)” on all electronic invites and advertising and marketing.

A1.7: Allocated monies cannot be used for the personal benefit of individuals or private corporations, for direct donations to charitable organizations, or for direct financing of political candidates and/or campaigns. Allocated monies cannot be expended for any activity contrary to the University policy, rules, or procedures and/or applicable state and federal law.

III After sending the collaboration proposal to The RSO(s)/department will be contacted within one business day with any questions/concerns and may be requested to set a meeting with the Vice President to go over the collaboration request in person (failure to do so or failure to notify of scheduling conflict before meeting will result in a cancellation of request).
IV At least one member from the organization requesting collaboration must attend a WSA Cabinet meeting (to be established by Vice President) and make a formal proposal in front of the Cabinet providing the following:

a. Requested amount and uses of requested money
b. Reasons for approaching WSA for collaboration
c. Detailed list of duties that each organization is responsible for taking part in
d. Other funding sources your organization is seeking

V The WSA Cabinet will vote to accept or reject the collaboration at their weekly meeting. If approved, the collaboration request will be sent to the senate, there the senate will decide to accept the proposed collaboration or reject it.

The requesting RSO/ department must send a representative to introduce the collaboration proposal and reasoning. The individual(s) must also be prepared to answer numerous questions from the senate

VI WSA and the requesting organization will then sign the Collaboration Contract and fill out any necessary financial paperwork.
VII All major changes to the collaboration budget must be notified to the Vice President. All contact and questions to the WSA will be through the office of the Vice President.