Election Complaint

Student Election Code Section 8 – Campaigning

Violation of Campaign Rules:

  1. The EPC shall receive and investigate complaints (refer to Section 1, clause 5, for definition).
  2. No piece of campaign material may be considered in violation of more than one rule.
  3. Election Complaint Procedure:
    1. Any student may file a complaint with the EPC alleging a violation of SEC rules or guidelines. Upon receipt of a complaint, copies will be sent to both members of the EPC, the candidate, and the Chief Justice of the Western Student Association. Complaints must contain documentation of violation (i.e. photo, statements from several witnesses, etc.).
    2. The EPC shall, upon the discovery that a complaint has merit, forward any preponderance of evidence to the Judicial Council for further review.
    3. The burden of evidence lies with the petitioner, meaning that the respondent is considered innocent unless shown to be otherwise by a preponderance of the evidence.
    4. No complaints submitted by a member of the EPC or Judicial Council will be considered legitimate.
    5. At any time during the complaint process, the petitioner may withdraw their complaint.
  4. If a candidate is found to be in violation of campaign rules, demerits may be assessed by majority vote of the Judicial Council.
  5. Once a candidate has reached warning status all complaints will be automatically deferred to the Judicial Council, to be prosecuted by the petitioner, for trial.
  6. If a candidate achieves warning status, then they shall totally cease campaign operations pending a review by the Judicial Council.


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